Signature After-School


Our Curling Program takes place during the Fall and Winter, during our After-School Transport and Care Program. We provide transportation to and from the Silver Fox Curling Club, and supervision during the lessons.



We have a brand new Squash Program that begins in the spring, and will run every Thursday for 8 weeks, during the After-School Transport and Care Program. We will provide transportation to and from The Credit Union Place to utilise the squash courts. Our Healthy Living Coordinator, Jason Gallant will be doing the Squash instruction.


Fair-Play on the Fairway

Our club offers a one of a kind program that educates participants on golf etiquette, rules, regulations, techniques and skill building. Taught by Golf Pro Dallas Desjardins and under the guidance of our marvelous staff, club members learn everything they need to know to hit the greens. Including how to hold a golf club, proper swing, follow through, chipping, putting, driving, overall technique, and all course rules and regulations. Not only do they learn the sport, but are all taught fair play values, respect, team set goal achievements, enhanced self esteem and self worth all in a comfortable confine of their own Club gymnasium. They learn all of the above utilizing indoor child/youth friendly golf equipment developed to master the sport during fun and challenging activities created by course Pro and golf staff. Once they are comfortable with these skills and understand the course rules, regulations, etiquette and all safety procedures, they will be taken on a wonderful field trip to the Summerside Golf Course to put their practical and theory learned to the test. So many members have never played golf, so this programs breaks existing barriers in search for the next Mike Weir.