Job Opportunities

General Description of the Position
This position is designed to  plan and organize 3-5 staff, control program activities, initiate and set goals, plan and coordinate programming from start to finish, supervising programs and oversee the overall day to day operations at the BGC Wellington & Area facility.  This is a 40 hour permanent full-time position with a rate of pay of $16.00 to $18.00 based on experience/education.  This position’s primary hours will be Monday-Friday 9:30am to 6:00pm with the possibility of flexible hours to adjust to programming needs.  

Duties and Responsibilities
* Design, implement and engage children and youth in a way that will help them develop motor skills, physical development, healthy habits and healthy awareness.
* Implement and deliver an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for children and youth.
* Monitor and support the overall progress and development of children and youth participating in the activities.
* Facilitate and encourage a positive experience which provides children and youth with the opportunity to achieve their individual potential.
* To share and support policies, procedures and best practices.
* Supervising program employees and ensuring policies, procedures and best practices are being followed accordingly by program department employees.
* Ensuring the daily functioning of the program department in collaboration with the BGC Summerside Program Director.
* Assist with the interview, hire, and training process of new employees when requested.
* Articulate both short-term and long-term goals in regards to programs to ensure the overall success of all programs.
* Effectively communicate with the BGC Summerside Program Director and convey the necessary information to the various company departments.
* Delegating tasks to program employees as required.
* Motivate staff and create an environment where employees thrive.
* Evaluate program data and employee performance in collaboration with the BGC Summerside Program Director.
* To design program activities in collaboration with the BGC Summerside Program Director for all age groups.
* Effectively organize space and program equipment.
* Maintain appropriate records and relevant documentation for programs and the position.
* Prioritize and manage time effectively, ensuring continued professional development is in line with the position.
* Updating professional knowledge and expertise as appropriate to keep up to date with developments in regard to physical activity and healthy lifestyles.
* To contribute to the preparation of program plans, evaluations, and other reports as necessary.
* Meet with members, parents and guardians and adequately communicate their child’s behaviour, incidents, well-being, etc.
* Adherence to all provincial, federal, and BGC Summerside laws and policies specific to health, safety and liability.
* Adherence to Board of Directors policies, stated hours of work, wearing designated work attire during hours of work.
* Other duties as required but not stated.

Education & Skill Requirements
* Education / Experience in the child care area is considered an asset.
* Leadership abilities considered an asset.
* School-Aged Child Care Certificate is considered an asset.  Willingness to obtain certification is required.
* Valid First Aid & C.P.R. certification.
* Willingness to work.
*Positive Attitude.
* Ability to communicate to parents/guardians, members, and co-workers.

Interested applicants can send their resume and cover letter to BGC Summerside Program Director KK Thompson at

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