Hank Landry Youth of the Year

At the end of each school year, a youth who‛s involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Summerside and shows and inhibits the qualities and core values that line up with the Boys and Girls Club mandate which includes:

– Belonging
– Respect
– Encouragement and Support
– Working Together                                                                                                                                                             – Speaking Out

Will be selected and awarded the title of ‘Hank Landry Youth of the Year‛. That individual will be invited to sit at the head table at the Celebrity Golf Tournament Dinner Gala where they will be recognized and awarded in front of family and friends for their incredible role within the Boys and Girls Club of Summerside. Along with this recognition, the youth will be awarded with $1,000 to go towards post-secondary education.

The youth of the year, like Hank Landry, is a person who is a strong role-model to the younger children and peers at the Boys and Girls Club and in their community. The youth is actively involved in Youth Engagement Centre Programming, and/or volunteering within the BGCS and/or CCYEC. As well as being involved in the Hank Landry gym at the BGCS.

They are also involved in recreational activities/ sports, as Hank himself was very active in this area. With that, the youth of the year shows strong teamwork and leaderships skills, always supporting others and being a good team player.

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