Get Busy

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 10am – 11am at the St. Eleanor’s Lions Club (121 East Drive, Summerside)

Cost: FREE

Call 902-303-4884 for more information!

What is Get Busy?

The Boys and Girls Club of Summerside has been collaborating with seniors in our community to implement a healthy living program. We began Get Busy in 2017, which has upwards of 90 seniors now becoming physically active, through a fun curriculum, under the guidance of Greg Weeks (certified Yoga Instructor, specialized in Chair Yoga). Seniors get together, make new friends, increase self-esteem, feel a new sense of belonging, and become involved!

  • Get Busy energizes the participating seniors to new heights.
  • Greg takes participants on a fun, exciting journey, that will the members the strength to grow individually and with their team.
  • One-hour sessions held twice per week, hold the platform for Greg to share his zest for life, and allow the group to relax and enjoy his unique style of interaction.
  • He focuses on changing on the way you think about your situation so you can strive to achieve more out of your life. With the support of the group routine, everyone starts to grow or change instantly.
  • Whether you want to lose weight, become more active, become healthier, become more socially involved or give yourself more time to live your life; Get Busy will guarantee seniors an experience that increases team unity and production.
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