BGCC Programs

Cool Moves

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada developed Cool MovesTM, a healthy lifestyle program in response to the growing health crisis threatening Canada’s kids. The program tackles poor eating habits and inactivity among kids aged 8 to 12.

Since its launch in 2005, the Cool Moves program has helped thousands of children and youth across Canada to eat smart, play cool and realize the benefits of nutritious eating and regular, physical activity.

Cool Moves provides children with fun activities and healthy recipes, and shows them how to make them part of their daily lives.
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Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Get in the Game! Increases young people’s exposure to a variety of sports and give Boys and Girls Club members the opportunity to develop physical literacy.  The program provides kids with referrals to sports programs and support with registrations.  Clubs will help provide year-round access to play sports outside of school and benefit from sport instruction, skill development and improved physical fitness. Our Programs include squash, ball hockey and golf!


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Jays Care

The Toronto Blue Jays, through the Jays Care Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada have partnered on a number of nationwide initiatives that aim to remove barriers to sport for children and youth across Canada. To date, Jays Care Foundation has invested over $1 million in community investments (capital space, equipment, supplies and funding) in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

The partnership of Jays Care Foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada combines the vast reach of the Toronto Blue Jays with the grassroots functionality of individual Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada. Together, the partnership ensures that Canadian children and youth are given every possible opportunity to grow, thrive in their environments and become physically active.

As Canada’s Major League team, we are proud to be able to make this commitment to children and youth from coast-to-coast.  As Canadian children are spending less time engaging in physical activity, our partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada provides much needed access to organized sport for children and youth who may otherwise not have such opportunities.

      –  Robert Witchel, Executive Director, Jays Care Foundation

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Basic Needs Brighter Future

The President’s Choice® Children’s Charity Basic Needs, Brighter Future program is a food and nutrition program that will provide young people with the critical resources they need to enhance and expand their access to food, education related to food and development of  healthy habits for life. This programs aims to enable more Clubs to feed more young people and their families, promote the importance of nutritious food; and educate and support Club staff and their members through provision of a nutrition manual that offers up-to-date information on Club best practices.

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Project Backpack

Project Backpack was recently launched by Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to help reduce food insecurity for young people and their families. Children and youth are given a food-filled backpack to bring home once a week throughout the school year. Easy-to-prepare food is provided according to family needs and preferences, within the project’s budget and nutritional considerations.

Project Backpack is targeted towards Boys and Girls Club members at risk of going hungry over the weekend or when the Club is unable to provide meals. The backpack that the child takes home is returned to the Club to be refilled and taken home again the following week.

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Giant Tiger Giant Steps

Giant Steps offers opportunities for young people to complete homework in a supportive environment, and also offers them the chance to learn about opportunities for further education or career guidance. Through Giant Steps, youth build knowledge and skills not only in academics, but also in communication and leadership.
For youth aged 12 – 13

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Tennis Program

Designed for kids with no previous tennis experience, the Tennis League program focuses on learning tennis through play, rather than the traditional lesson-based model. Using modified tennis balls, racquets, nets, and courts that can be used in non-traditional facilities, young players learn the fundamentals of the game early on.

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