Community Benefits

The Boys and Girls Club of Summerside request for donations/sponsorship has been developed as a result of the overwhelming requests from individuals/organizations to support benefits for individuals or group fund-raising events.
In order to manage the number of requests, the Board of Directors has determined that the Club will provide sponsorship on an annual basis to the limit of $10,000. Once this amount has been expended there will be no additional amounts until the next fiscal year.
In order to facilitate this process, the Club has put in place this procedure and the application process.
All applications must be received at least three weeks prior to the scheduled benefit/fundraiser. The Club requests recognition be visually attached to the item which has been provided, or public recognition for any monetary donation towards the event. As well a final report must be submitted to advise of the total revenues generated from the donated item will be required within one month of the completion of the event.

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